Mr Wolf is a data-driven SWAT team
for venture-backed startups.

We accelerate growth by helping you build products people want.


We believe that if you want to grow sustainably, you need to optimise three things: Conversion, Retention and Pricing. And you need to do it using data. That’s all we focus on at Mr Wolf.


Once you have something people want, it’s time to start acquiring them in a capital efficient way, and then converting them to active users. In numbers, that means optimising your cost of acquisition. This requires identifying who your most valuable groups of users are: the easiest to convert; the most sticky; the highest spending... And then optimising for them.


We’ll dive deep into the business, the technical architecture, data stack and product. In neccessary, we’ll first upgrade your data infrastructure and other instrumentation. Once that’s in place, we’ll get to work on optimising your conversion funnel.

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We believe retention is the first and most important pillar of sustainable growth. It’s the one that can’t be hacked: the only way to get someone to come back is to deliver real value. Figuring out how to do that should be the first thing you do.


We’ll dig deep into how you run customer development, decide what to build, how you prioritise your roadmap, how you run support etc. The aim here is to find processes to can tweak (or introduce) to better understand your users, and ship better product, faster. We’ll then implement them with you.

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We believe you should treat pricing like a product: track performance, come up with hypotheses, test them, iterate, and optimise. Regardless of whether you’re optimising for acquisition or revenue, how you monetise your users should be at the core of your business. Allocate resources accordingly.


We’ll audit your current pricing model, research competitors, qualify and quantify your buyer personas, identify price sensitivity, and evaluate feature performance, in order to arrive at a new data-driven pricing strategy. We’ll then validate it and get it live, alongside your team.

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We follow a two step approach to every engagement we take on: a full audit and Action Plan, followed by implementation.


The audit allows us to get to know your company inside out, and to identify gaps in instrumentation, workflows or skillsets that need upgrading. This will take the form of a detailed Action Plan: exactly how we’d proceed from here if we were in your shoes.


We’ll then stay on to implement the recommendations with you. At this point you can think of us as your 'PM for X’. We work alongside your team to solve problems as fast as possible. Crucially, we take responsibility for shipping.

While we strongly believe that you should never buy the talk without the walk, implementation remains at your discretion: the output of the audit and action plan will always be enough for your team to deliver material improvements.


We’re a small team of ex-founders and PMs with a ton of hands-on experience from whiteboard to Series B.

We take great pride in our focus on execution. Around 80% of the time we spend with you will be spent doing, not advising. Firstly, we believe that if we're going to give advice, we should be held responsible for implementing it. Secondly, this means you always get the freshest advice, based on our actual experience building things.

We work on a small number of projects we care about with teams we admire. Here are our Operating Principles, and a little on How We Work.

David Fauchier

After spending time at Seedcamp and Paypal, David joined Yoyo Wallet as employee #1, where he ran Consumer Product and Marketing. Two years later, Yoyo had raised over $15m in venture funding and grown into the largest mobile payments company in Europe. David is a mentor at Seedcamp and Force Over Mass, and an occasional seed investor.

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Stéphane is a Product Manager with 5+ years experience delivering Consumer and B2B tech products. He has held several product leadership roles in Series-A backed businesses such as Geniac where he was part of the founding team (raising £22m in 2015) & Judopay, where he was Senior Product Manager leading on analytics and fraud prevention. Stéphane believes great products are built when roadmaps are aligned to the business objectives. Stéphane is also a Product & Business mentor at Google Launchpad.


We work with venture-backed companies on the three elements of sustainable growth: conversion, retention and pricing.

Mr Wolf helped Branch with international growth
Mr Wolf did data analytics and growth for CloudApp
Mr Wolf did data analytics and product for Krank
Mr Wolf did data and product for Appear.in
Mr Wolf did data analytics and growth for XOBI
Mr Wolf did data analytics, product, marketing and growth for FCancer

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